Monday, February 13, 2012

It was the best of times...

it was the worst of times.

My weekend fast food experiences.

I am a fast food junkie...Go ahead...I'll give you three lines to tell me how awful fast food is for me.  How I'm on the road to high cholesterol, stomach fat, and way too much sodium intake:  Ready.....Go:


Now if you're done, I'll go ahead and tell you about my new favorite yummy goodness.

You'll never guess where you can get it at:

Burger King.

I know!  I thought the BK was stuck in the 80's too!  But they've finally re-invented one of their products and I am HOOKED.

Have you tried this yet? 
Its BK's new ice cream. 

Watch out McD's because the BK moved in with this delicious treat.  It is so creamy, smooth and just plain out of this world experience, the hubs might actually get jealous at the noises I make when I eat it. 

It is so good, that when I drove past the student walkway to GVSU while eating this heaven in a cup (get it in a cone if you get more), I actually envisioned hitting a student, pulling over to the side with the student underneath my Edge and finishing this cup of ecstasy before getting out to see if they are OK.   

Yeah - it's that good. 
And its only $1 .

I believe I hear angels singing.

This was THE BEST move that Burger King could make to attract dessert junkies like me.  Because their burgers and fries suck. (Yes, I know they have new ones and I stand by my opinion of suckiness.)

Everything else about BK from their atmosphere to their menu and the coupons are sub-par.  But when I get the craving for ice cream, this is my go-to place.  And I will eat their suckiness just to get the ice cream and not have to make a second trip to a different restaurant.  And their employees, although a little strange in appearance, are nice people.  They get the award for being down-to-earth and not fake.  Congratulations.

However....I did mention it was the worse of times...

And by that, I mean McDonalds fake perkiness can suck an egg.  
I especially don't do perky before my coffee that I'm trying to get from you.

The hubs and I pulled up to the speaker to order.  

Welcome to McDonalds!  What can I get for you?

The hubs ordered the first meal and out of polite etiquette, (and because everyone knows if you order too fast for fast food employees, they make you repeat the whole thing three times anyway) he paused to give her time to enter the meal into the computer.

Then she says, anything else? 

Which is fine!  It's good to ask if you'd like anything else!  You never know if the person is done or just not sure!  Thank you for asking the first time!


Don't ask so quickly that you start asking over top of what we are ordering.  This chick seriously gave us the total after each menu item.  Like we were trying to stay under a certain amount. 

OK!  Your total is $6.02.  Anything else?  Your total is $9.38.  Anything else? Your total is $11.24.  Anything else? Oh yeah.  I forgot to ask for a side of shut the hell up so I can finish my order.

The hubs, who HATES ordering at a speaker without a screen adds two of the $1 sandwiches to the list and adds...and that's it. (We were buying for 6 people...don't judge.) She says OK - your total is $15.92, pull around to the first window.  So we do. 

I grab the receipt from hubs because she spent more time interrupting and asking 'anything else' in such a perky way, (it reminded me of the Office Space receptionist.  'Just a moment') I thought for sure she'd miss something.

Sure enough - perky Peggy forgot to add on the two sandwiches.  So we pull to the next window.  

Hubs and I get in a fight at this point over whether he should knock on the window and tell her or wait til she brings the food.  He said if we knock it gives them time to charge us, but if we wait, then its their error.  I said if we wait, they're still going to charge us AND we'll have to wait longer for them to make the sandwiches.  

He knocked on the window.

So hubs said, you forgot to add the two sandwiches. 
She replies, they're on there.  There just part of the meal.
He retorts, no, they are the extra dollar menu sandwich. 
She replies, anything else?
At this point, the hubs puts his hand on my knee.  I don't know whether it was to keep himself calm or to hold me back from jumping through the drive through window and showing her what else.

He said, nope, nothing else...Just what we ACTUALLY ordered.

Seriously?  So proud of his snarky comment at that point.

As usual he handled it much better than I did.  I probably would have asked 'Anything else?' when she handed me the bag of food.  

I'm guessing perky Peggy is a relative of Kimmy


  1. Sarah, You know your brother is a lot like your hubs. He keeps me sane too! I was laughing at this post because it is something I would totally do! I am a FREAK when it comes to that stuff. Dave is so calm and just takes it all in stride while I think it is a personal vendeta against me! The injustice! So thanks for the smile today. Love ya,

  2. Seriously, you crack me up!


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