Monday, December 13, 2010

Reindeer! Meet Clyde and Dale

I saw these adorable reindeer on Under The Table and Dreaming and fell in love with them.  She got them  for a GREAT price, but when I tried to find them, the cheapest I saw was $30!  No thank you! 

So I studied the picture and thought, I bet I could make those...

Here's the tutorial on how to get your own Clyde and Dale.

I bought 3 different size dowels, 1/4",  3/16", and 1/8"

The measurements are in the picture above.

Using the five 4" pieces I hot glued them together to make the body. (I tried using wood glue, but it didn't hold as well as the hot glue.  I recommend high temp hot glue for this project.)

Then I took the one 2.5" piece and made the neck.  Using the 3/16" dowel I glued on a small piece for the tail and a 2" piece for the head.

I added two 1.5" pieces for the antler holders

Then out of  the 1/8" dowel, I created the points to the antlers.

Next I spray painted the deer with Pewter color 'hammered' texture spray paint.

I decided one deer wasn't enough so I created a smaller scale one to be his friend.

Finally, Clyde and Dale are ready for their appearance among the Christmas decorations.

I think they like their new home. 
And I think they look pretty similar to the metal ones too! 
All this for $1.77!

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  1. These are so cute! It would be fun to do large ones for your lawn too!

  2. These are adorable! You are one clever crafty lady! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  3. They are so cute and whimsical - I love them! You never cease amazing!!

  4. WOW! $1.77? I am super impressed. These are awesome! A lot of the things I make are because I can't afford the "original" version in the store. I am going to feature these tomorrow! Thanks for linking these up today!

  5. Love it! thanks for showing me how to make my own!

  6. wow, This is so cute!!!! LOVE IT :)

  7. Oh, so cute! And frugal too. Visiting from Paisley Passions.

  8. You are a mad genius. $1.77 should be in your caption on the link parties.

    I must make these. Following you now.

    p.s. please link this up to creative juice thursday and mention it's that cheap in your caption!!! {they look much more expensive!}

    nicolette @

  9. Cute!!!!!!!!! Did you name them Clyde and Clydesdale? if you did...super clever!

  10. April! I did! (and my husband thought I was such a dork for doing it!) I'll have to tell him you said I was clever!

  11. GREAT JOB!! I will be trying this next year!

  12. You'll be featured tomorrow! Please stop by to pick up your button...

    Thanks for linking up...



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