Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dog Sweater Tutorial

So let me start out by saying...
All I wanted to do was keep the step-dog warm while playing outside with the kids, so I set out to make him a sweater.  (I refuse to pay $30+ for a dog coat when I won't pay more than $15 for my own!)

Here's a tutorial - or at least the step by step of how I made his doggie sweater.

Step 1:  Measure the length and width of the dog.
Hold still Honda

Maybe if how about....

sigh.  This isn't working.

Step 2: When all else fails... 
Put the sweater on the dog and eye-ball it.

Daddy had to tell Honda that no, the cat was NOT laughing at him and he did still look handsome.
I don't think Honda believed him.

Step 3: Lay out the shirt and cut the sleeves off
at your eye-balled markings.

Step 4: Cut the front of the shirt out at the eye-balled mark. 
I cut the sleeves open as well. 
 I figured they would need to be smaller,
to hug Honda's alpha-male arm muscles.

 Step 5: Call your model back and try it on again for good measure.
Action shot!

Step 6: Eye-ball it again where the sleeves need to be sewn closer together.

Step 7: Zig-zag or surge the whole darn thing where-ever you cut it.

I added "Princess Seams" to tighten it through the chest.
ha ha ha ha ha ha 
(Everyone together in a sing-song voice 'Honda's a princess.')
Okay - back to business... 
Step 8: I sewed the armhole, then hemmed up the remaining fabric from the original armhole.

I think he's looking a little more masculine.

Johnny thinks he's just cuddly now.

Or course now that was done, there was only one more step. 
Adding his initial...

I had some leftover denim from a dress I made,
so I cut the 'H' out and zig zag stitched it to the back of the sweater.

He looks pretty comfortable in that thing.

Feeling a little more alpha-male again Honda?  I promised you'd like it!

And that's the doggie sweater tutorial.  Whew.


  1. Nice upcycle!!! Your dog looks just like our dog, Rockee :) Thanks for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Great, I have some old sweaters and I don't wear them anymore.I'll use your idea and make some dog sweaters.


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