Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My epiphany

I don't know if we can fit anymore into a night.  I honestly wonder how some people manage to go home after work, make a sandwich, and sit down in front of the TV for hours, then head to bed.  Seriously you did THREE things...sandwich...TV...bed.  I bet you didn't even take care of the plate, did you?  Which, I'm not belittling you about. At. All.  I'm proud of you!  I'm a little jealous, in fact.  I would love to learn how to turn my to-do list off and veg out, but my multi-tasking brain honestly would explode if I tried it.  And then I'd have this big mess to clean up and it just would keep me from enjoying any sort of relaxation.  I leave the house to relax.  In fact, I think I just had an epiphany! 

While my husband can easily tune out the to-do list and just relax with some popcorn in front of a movie, I sit there thinking: need to do a load of laundry, need to put the dishes away, need to make the kids lunch, need to scrub the tub, need to find a topic for the blog, need to vacuum, need to find a carpet cleaner, need to pay this bill, need to prep the taxes, need to GO TO BED.  I get so tired just sitting there during the movie, thinking and feeling guilty about all the things that need to get done at home, that I don't enjoy myself and normally by the halfway point, I'm so fed up with myself just sitting there that I get up and get to work on the chores. 

However, if I can leave the house, I also leave the to-do list.  I can clear my head.  I can spend two hours in the thrift store, perusing books, looking at baskets, scrounging through aisles of aisles of clothes looking for something incredibly unique or with up cycle potential.  My mind is still going, but now its excited, thinking about crafts, and creativity.  This is where I think back on that great posting from Little Miss Mama or Peas & Crayons, or that funny story from A Girl and her Glue Gun.  I remember that great little tip from Crap I've made, or how fabulous a basket would be for that organizational post from House of Grace.   This, my friends, is my relaxation technique: sifting through your old stuff passed off as tax deductions under the guise of a Mission thrift store.  Weird, I know.  I've been called that since elementary school.  I take it as a compliment now.


  1. Hi Sarah!

    You've been featured on my Commercial Break thursday! Hope it brings you lots of new visitors!


  2. God always knows where you live and where you are. I cannot sit still, so I always have a project going while watching TV. The kids are grown, so that is not there, but the mind is still reeling.


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