Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing on the wall

We are still working on getting our house staged for the big sale.  We are really looking forward to starting the house search process.  I'm a little nervous about logistics; I like to know what's happening when its happening.

I'll take some pictures of the basement when we have it all cleaned up.  Josh is just finishing the trim work with the help of my dad.  For now, here's a tutorial on the words I made for our walls!

I printed out letters on the computer and taped them together to form the words.

Next, I taped them down to the Styrofoam and marked the cut lines, just like you do with pumpkin design cutouts.

I removed the paper and cut it out with a retractable utility knife.  This was not an easy task.  Each word took me about two hours to cut out.  Perhaps I just didn't have the right tools!

Once I had all the words cut out, I painted them to match the basement walls. 

Honda was chilling with his favorite toy by the fire the entire time.  Looks pretty darn content! 

And here's how the words look on the wall! 

I hung them by shoving them onto nails put halfway into the way.

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  1. This is a great Idea! I have seen a lot of these words made from wood and other materials in the stores for over $20 sometimes! :) Appreciate you sharing your idea Thank you!...However, how did you get them to hang on the walls?


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