Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Ode to Honda

Well, not really an ode...more of a vent, actually.  We're good enough friends that I can vent now, right? 

This step-dog of mine has somehow weaseled it's way into every part of my home and life.  Yes. I love that sad mug on that dog.  I love that my children can do pretty much anything to that dog, from sitting on him while he's laying down, to tugging on his ears, to riding him around the house. 

What I do NOT love it the disgusting sounds that come out of him when he's licking himself, or the sulfur smell that he tends to leave a trail of.  This dog is raunchier than any man I've ever smelled.

Or perhaps its the way he begs for food.  Yeah...look at him.  His brother Bentley (Josh's sister's dog) gets in on the action too. 

Or maybe its the way Boxer's tend to think they own the place and where-ever they feel like laying is completely acceptable.

Sister's bed...

Grandma's rug...           

Grandpa's Couch...

The couch in the picture above!  I think I've made my point. See what I mean by 'HE'S TAKEN OVER EVERYTHING?!?!'

My final straw is this...again. (Yes...I have said this before.) HE MAY NOT SLEEP IN THE BED! He had been trained when he first moved in to sleep on the floor, but then he got sick for a couple days and looked at me with those big brown eyes and asked me if he could sleep on the bed, just this once, to help him get over his sick bug. Of course I said yes .  What kind of mom would I be if I didn't let a sick kid, I mean dog be comfortable!  Well, he's over the bug.  He's BEEN over it for about 2 months and yet he's still in my bed.  The battle line has been drawn.  He has gone way too far...A king size bed should NOT feel the size of a couch.  At 5'3", I should not feel too big for a KING SIZE BED!   I should not feel like I'm inconveniencing a dog to get comfortable in MY OWN BED...
Do you SEE that tiny section of the bed that I'm banished to?  (Its the one on the very edge..) Do you see how the dog has MORE than half the bed?!?!

I'm tired of not sleeping.  He WILL sleep on his over-sized-could-actually-be-a-toddler-bed-its-so-big pillow on the floor...or...or..I WILL! (I'd probably have more room too!)

Unless of course...he gives me one of these looks again. 

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  1. How could you ever turn him away.....

  2. Awwwwww... We have a boxer too! I'll have to do a post about him.

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  3. OMY gosh he is irrestiable! You made me laugh out loud with the thought even of the sulfur smell. Thanks so much for sharing. Welcome to blog land. I hope to see you next Monday at my blog for the newbie linky party. Also I would love if you added my link to mention the pet party at my place...thanks so much.

  4. awe he is great! The only thing that keeps our dog off the bed now is her age and hips. I feel bad for her so now and then we haul her 120 pound butt on the bed too!


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