Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NOT grandparents day...

No, today isn't grandparents day, but I feel the need to toot the grandparent horn.  When I was divorced, I worried about my kids going back and forth and essentially having 2 separate families.  The kids and I lived with my parents while I was getting my feet back on the ground and saving money for a home.   I am so grateful for this time, not only because we had stability and a familiar place while we went through this time of adjustment, but because my kids got to know their grandma and grandpa so well.

Did I have times where we played, 'who's the real mom?'  Of course! I have slowly learned that it sometimes takes a village to raise my monkeys.  It takes 6 pairs of eyes to make sure they are following rules, staying on track, etc.  

Now that I'm re-married, I can't tell you how special it is that the kids have another set of grandparents who spoil them relentlessly.  Grandpas who take them for lawn mower rides, grandmas who sugar them up.  Grandparents that, with enough notice, take the kids overnight with no questions asked and plan a whole night of activities full of fun that I know my kids will remember for the rest of their lives, just like I remember my awesome visits to the farm and the lake.

I can't imagine not having grandparents and it makes my heart ache for kids who's grandparents have passed away or who are kept intentionally (or out of sheer laziness) from knowing their grandpas and grandmas.

Speaking of that...Who does that?!  Seriously?  Who keeps their kids from experiencing the excitement of going to grandmas house or the fun of waiting in the window for grandma and grandpa to show up?  Shoot!  Even I still get excited FOR my kids when I know grandma and grandpa are coming for a visit!  It is so fun to watch them get all hyped up, dancing in the window, running out of the house for a big hug (or in the girls case, getting excited just to hide from them when they do show up!)

AND PARTIES!!!!!  I wouldn't even be able to have birthday parties without the grandparents making it fun!  It is the one time of year, both sides of the family get together.   Now, my family has never really celebrated birthdays for the kids of the next generation, but the hubs side has grandmas, grandpas, aunts (to-be) uncles and even dog-cousins!  I would feel terrible having this big shindig for my kids and not letting my parents join in on the fun!

Anyway...I'll leave you with some pics of the kiddos and their b-day celebrations! Happy un-birthday to you!

P.S. Click HERE for the blog post on fun on the farm and at the lake.

The boy at 2 years old.
We had a party at church with the family and
celebrated with a pinata and ice cream. 

The boy at 5.  All about spiderman.  This is at my parents.
We made homemade pizza! 

The boy is 6! as you can see by his hands.
We went to an apple orchard, picked out pumpkins (fall birthdays!)
and celebrated at the in-laws with Costco cake! YUM!

This is the girl at 2! We went to the Battle Creek zoo for her birthday.
This is in my parent's backyard after we returned.  
The best memory is when she started crying because a fly landed on her hotdog.
She thought it was going to eat it all and she wouldn't have any left.  

The girl at 4 and oh-so-girly!  She wanted all dress up items.
This is at our house. (my mom and the boy in the back!)

The girl at age 5.
We did a luau theme in the back yard. (Spring birthday!)
This was ALOT of fun and now the girl wants
kabobs at least once a week.  

Feel free to add your memories or those your parents create for your kids as grandparents in the comment section below!  Thank you, Lord, for grandparents!


  1. I remember all the time I spent with my grandma and grandpa...Lucky for me, they lived next door. The both have since passed away and I miss them so much, but I remember all the time I was with them and all the parties ranging from xmas to easter to even just my birthday. I'm so glad ur kids are lucky to have ur parents as well as ur husbands parents!!!

  2. Well, one of my grandmothers just passed away less than a month ago, so these memories are bitter-sweet...I remember walking across the field to grandmas house with my penny in my pocket to get piano lessons! I loved doing this it was fun one on one time with her. Then on thanksgiving...when grandma used to have it at her house (when she was younger), she would make this green jello thing with chopped carrots & celery in it. I think it was disgusting, but now I find myself wanting to make it this year just to represent her! She also put mini juice glasses filled with tomato juice on each plate for us to drink before thanksgiving. Grandma grew up in the depression - she wasted NOTHING! I remember when I was 8, my dad let me drive the car alone to grandma's house - just to get her all riled up! We lived in the country, so I basically drove around a couple of fields on dirt roads. But 8?!!! If anyone was a saint, it was my Grandma. She spent her life serving as a pastor's wife, raising 4 girls, working. And she never once complained about anything, but gave thanks. That just amazes me. That and she prayed for every member of our family every day - she was amazing. And boy did we need it!!!


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