Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy days are here again!

So my snarky personality has gotten really carried away with all the stress triggers in my life right now.  Who knew that having so many things going on at once would make someone this strung out and cranky?!  When my friend Robert told me I was out of line to be weirded out this kid's family, I knew I needed to look into something. I'm not normally that judgmental.

I was getting sick of myself.  I figured if I was sick of me, how must everyone else feel?!  So I went in search of a way to fix me.

Hearing all the horror stories of anti-depressants, I didn't even want to attempt to go on them.  My luck I would have every symptom you could possibly have with them, whether real or imagined!  I didn't want to put on 10 pounds, sleep all day, be in zombie mode, etc.  I do that enough without prescription drugs!  So I went in search of a natural remedy.  I studied articles, read through all the new age health crap for something that I could find credible and believable.

Well, this is what I found to be the most realistic option for me.

Rhodiola Rosea 
AKA Artic Root

Here's a link to the first article I read on this stuff: Rhodiola Rosea: Nature's Anti-Depressant

It got me really excited, but I'm a researcher by nature and I needed to know if this stuff really worked for the general population.  I then went to each company's supplement site and read the reviews on this stuff.  My analysis? Guys don't feel a difference: girls do.  Well, that's good news, cause, like, I'm totally a girl!  (I went to mega 80's last week - must still be in my system)


So I went to my favorite pharmacy - Meijer - and guess what...  They don't carry this stuff in a stand-alone supplement. 

But I did find this: 

Here's what it claims:

Healthy Brain All-Day Focus
Healthy Brain All-Day Focus is unlike any other product on the market. This unique combination of brain-boosting nutrients is specially formulated to provide benefits in three specific areas:
  • Short-Term: sharpens your mind for enhanced focus and concentration right away.*
  • Long-Term: improved memory and information retention, while supplying powerful brain antioxidants to keep you at your best as you age.*
  • Plus: supports healthy brain chemistry to promote a positive mood throughout the day.*

Now I'm a skeptic.  I always expect the worse, because its normally what happens.  I figured this would be a waste of money and I wouldn't feel a difference, just like everything else I've tried in the past for weight loss, sleeping, weight lifting, endurance, PMSing, etc. 

But because I like to live on the edge, I bought it.  It has 3% extract of the Artic Root in it, which is the percentage the stand-alone supplements had.  I figured the other stuff was just bonus vitamins.

No kidding...I wanted to blog on this stuff the first day.  It has been a game changer for me.  I am no longer Negative Nancy.   

I used to say things like this: 

And mean it.  Really,   I was no longer passive aggressive...just aggressive.

Now i say things like this:

And just giggle.

hee. hee.

Not only has my mood changed. Stress triggers are almost non-existent.  I'm not emotionally eating anymore. I'm not making my children run for cover by stomping around the house like Godzilla just moved in.  I'm actually quite pleasant to be around now!  (Poor hubs and the kids had no idea what had hit them.)

Beyond the mood change, I can actually focus at work.  Am I still making mistakes?  You betcha ya!  But its more because of the type of work (mind-numbing boredom) than the amount.  I'm not getting bogged down by callers who are rude and worrying about people who are trying to ruin my day.  I'm back to being able to let go and not take it personally.  Which is good when you work in Bankruptcy.  Money, or the lack of it, does strange things to people and being the calm voice of reason on the other end of the line is of utmost importance when talking to some people! 

Is this pill a miracle worker?  For me, yes...I didn't take it yesterday on purpose just to see if I'd notice a difference.  I didn't feel like it 'wore off'.  You know when you take some pills and then forget and you can instantly tell you forgot to take it?  Yeah...none of that business here.  

Before I started taking this, I felt weighed down.  I took on every worry and was afraid to stop and have fun or live life. I finally feel like it's okay to laugh again.  It's okay to enjoy life.   It's okay to have fun.   

I finally know what my friend Cat means by: Live to Love, Love to Live.

Have a spectacular day.  You deserve it! 

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