Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aurora, CO

What a tragedy.  I can't imagine what friends, family, strangers are going through in the aftermath of this senseless violence.  But you know what I can imagine?

Living there.  This town has shown me more about what all towns should be like in pictures and interviews and random filming.  This is what I've learned from the people of Aurora:

Help others - I'd like to say this would happen everywhere.  You grab the person next to you and hurry them out.  You think of others before yourself.  But how many 13 year old kids do you know that would think to stay in the theater and try to help her 6 year old friend?  How many 17 year old kids would think to put a hand over her friend's spurting neck wound and help get her to safety?  How many strangers would help grab someone's kids to help them get out of the theater alive?   I can't say that I would have the mindset to do that.  And that shames me. 

Love others - I know its naive to think, but racism seems dead in Aurora.  Everybody was hugging and comforting everyone else, regardless of age, creed, gender, and race. I thrilled to see interviews of a young black man standing vigil outside of his friend's hospital room.  The love felt in the pictures and video was evident.  Not just love for friends, but for each person. 

Pray - Oh my goodness!  How the people of Aurora lean on God!  It is an inspiration.  Since 9/11 I have not seen so much openness and lack of fear to pray like I have in Aurora!  Thank the Lord that some communities are still open and actively seeking Him!  

So to the people of Aurora, my most sincere sympathies and prayers stay with you these coming weeks and months as the city tries to process the actions of a madman.  But also a resounding thank you, for standing steadfast and being such an amazing example of community and togetherness for this country.

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  1. Very well written. Thank you for expressing this with such a tender heart. You have opened my eyes to see beyond the headlines and into the lives of these dear people. God be with them.


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