Monday, January 3, 2011

Why I love doing Emma's hair...

My daughter, Emma is finally coming into her own, wanting her hair done, wanting to wear nail polish.  Although I hoped for a tomboy, I have to admit, it really fun watching her be so girly.

I couldn't wait for her hair to get long enough to start doing braids, and pigtails.  I always wanted to do the baby ponytail on the top, but Emma was born bald. 

Here she is at 7 months - still bald.  Her and the baby doll are twins!

And at a year old, its barely a shadow on her head!

Finally at 2 years old, she has SOME hair.

At 2 and a half I gave her the coveted first haircut.

Then it kind of stopped growing.  This is her at 3...

and 3 and a half.  A week after these pictures were taken, it happened.  I didn't think it would.  I didn't expect it.  I never even thought about it before, frankly.  I thought she was in going to the bathroom like a good, little girl.  I checked on her twice.  Thought maybe it was taking a little longer than usual.  But then I realized it was too quiet.  When I opend the door.  I gasped, then I started crying.

She had taken scissors to the ENTIRE RIGHT SIDE OF HER HAIR.

I grabbed my phone (didn't have a camera at the time), and started taking pictures.  As distraught as I was, I knew I'd need to document this.

Look how long it had gotten on the left side!  and now GONE!!!!

It was Sunday night, with no salons open and me not having a clue where to start cutting it myself.  So I sent her to school with a side ponytail.

Three and a half years of hair growth GONE. (sniffle)

After two months, we were able to fake pigtails.  But you can still see huge chunks missing.

at her 4th birthday, she was sporty a stylish MULLET. 

Finally, by Christmas, it has finally grown out enough to be cute and have fun with it again.

This was on New Year's Eve with Josh.  Finally!  Little girl hair can be pulled back into a braid!  I love that little girl, and I love doing her hair.  But I especially love how she has never thought about putting hair and scissors together again. 


  1. Loved the pictures.... You have given every mother who has gone through this (or will go through this) renewed hope :)

  2. oh i love the pic from Christmas with the flower in her hair! so CUTE!

    so she definitely has learned her lesson not to cut her own hair then? (i did it a couple of times myself before i finally figured mom telling me, 'DON'T DO THAT', really stuck! :(

    And what do you mean she not a tomboy?
    Everytime i see her she's running around just as much as Johnny and Nick! especially if they're outside! gets just as dirty too! :D


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