Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ugly Dolls - part 2

I sat down to make the Monkey Ugly doll and right from the beginning he was giving me fits.  Is it any wonder?  This monkey was mischevious.  I didn't dare turn my back on him.  As soon has the last stitch was put in, he had a mind of his own. (Kinda like the little girl I'm giving it to!)

A true definition of an Ugly Doll.  Look at those skinny legs and giant head!

"What?!  I don't have a big head!"
Yeah, you do dude.

He ran off the table and went to bug Honda.

That's when the teddy bear discovered him.

"I'm not so sure this is a good idea!"

But they soon became good friends.  They fist bumped. 
I assumed (wrongly) that I could leave them alone, but just like their future owners, the monkey seemed to be set on mischief.

I came back to find them in the tree!  I asked who's fault it was.

Monkey pointed at the teddy bear. 
I couldn't assume (even though I figured it was monkey's fault) that I knew who put them up to that.

So they both were put in time out.  I think its nice of monkey to comfort teddy who was crying.

I came back to tell them they could get up now and found them wrestling on the PIANO!!!

So I seperated them.

Let's hope they are behaving while I'm at work. 
(I locked them in the old dryer just in case)


  1. This is so adorbale! i love the pictures!

  2. These guys are hysterical! Love them :) Thanks for linking them up today.

  3. Anonymous3/2/11

    That was soooo cute. Loved it.


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