Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year - Different Me.

Sure.  Why not, you know?

Why not be who I really am on this thing?  I love to be creative.  But I'm far from a perfectionist and my only camera is currently an outdated iphone.  That'll get me far.  I'll not be able to keep up with the pro-stay-at-home-mom who has blog posts like:

'How I get 101 things done in a day and still have a spotless home with 12 kids'

'How I made a 15 course meal in 10 minutes' (but she leaves out the little detail that she spent 2 months preparing for those 10 minutes)

I especially like the blog postings titled:

'My perfect Christmas'  and her home is a $500k with perfect decorations as if Martha Stewart moved in for a month. Yeah - my $80k home $50 fake tree the cat and dog have trashed really photographs well.

'How we gave Christmas away' with pictures of them volunteering in Guam for the month of December since her husband owns a Fortune 500 and let's the CEO's do everything while he makes bank. (Side Note:  I don't even know where Guam was just the first place that came to mind.) 

If I had blogged since, oh titles would be:

'How I almost killed my husband/kids/cat/dog/neighbor/friend/random stranger but didn't.'

'How to half-ass it at Christmas' - I think this may still need to be posted.

'Tips for surviving the Holidays' (#1 would have been drink a half a bottle of wine before EVERY event.)

'How to have a fight with your Ex while at work'  - Yeah.  That happened.

And then I got to thinking...why be fake? Why pretend to be the neighbor on the street with her crap together?  I mean, isn't she the one that we all talk smack about?  Why not be the neighbor that people say, 'yeah - there's always an adventure with THAT one.  Then I 'met' Jen - virtually, of course.  Jen gave me such an epiphany...OMG!  I can be REAL on my blog!  I don't have to be Ms. I'm-so-perky-and-can-whip-up-anything-in-an-hour!  Thank you, Jen.  You are my hero.

So...the blog has been re-designed. I've taken off all the dumb, stupid posts I made trying to keep people interested in coming back to see the sub-par craft I made, hoping someone would comment on the blog, thinking I've actually inspired you to mediocrity. (Did my 'I blog for comments' comment line make anyone else throw up a little?)

What will you find here?  Not a fricken clue.

Might be a craft.  Might be a rant.  Might be just a picture and a random note.

So those expectations that you had when you saw I posted again...bury them deep down and deal with the fact that - I'm snarky and you'll never know what you get when you click on this link.  For now...enjoy a picture of my dog Zoe.  Because...what's a blog posting without some dumb picture?


  1. lol, love it!
    ps - I love hearing that I am not the only one who (at least once a week) wants to kill my "husband/kids/cat/dog/neighbor/friend/random stranger" - minus the dog & cat - only b/c I don't have pets!

  2. I have always thought you to be who you really are, at least from when, "I knew you when..." I am always amazed at how many of my friends have children and somehow manage to make a meal from scratch, keep their house spotless, and spend 5 hours at the gym every single day and STILL have time to look at facebook and tell me I'm not doing enough (pfft). I love your posts Sarah (even the crafty posts and dumb pictures because, hey, I AM dumb when it comes to crafting). Not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows, but its not always going to be gloomy and rotten, ya know? It's nice to see someone being real, just keep on keepin' on. You have my vote (even if you have inspired me to mediocrity...hehe). ~Sally


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