Sunday, September 25, 2011

How does Asian become Italian?!

WARNING: Post contains high quantities of sarcasm.  If you do not speak sarcasm, I urge you NOT to continue.

Do you ever have a hankering for something that sounds so good, its all you think about?  Tonight was one of those nights.  I could taste the peanut dressing on the salad.  I felt my body relax as I thought of the warm, mushroom soup.  My mouth started watering just visualizing the noodles and sprouts.  Only problem is....there isn't a Thai restaurant around me that's open after 9pm.

So I did what any person as random as myself would do...I went to store and bought tomatoes and basil to make homemade bruschetta.  I know! I know!  I had the same thought.  Asian and Italian taste almost the same.  But that's beside the point. 

I'm standing there decided on the best batch of basil when the cilantro caught my eye.  Then I thought - Hey!  I'm already making Bruschetta, why not whip up some fresh salsa at the same time.  Because when I think of some good Italian Bruschetta, Mexican Salsa is always my very next thought. 

So here's a walk through both... 

Small Sweet Grape tomatoes, quartered
Fresh Basil
Garlic powder (I threw in som extra fresh garlic as well...My motto?  You can NEVER have too much garlic)
Olive Oil

Basically....Mix it all together, drizzle the dresssing and BAM!

Side note:  Have you ever met this cheese?  It has become my new favorite.  Who needs the powder parmesean, when you have THIS!?
When you put the two together, you can get something real nice...Looks professional, I know, but don't let it fool you.  It was just me.

While the Bruschetta was busy mixing its flavors, I whipped up some fresh salsa. 

I bought three of these babies, (Salerno Pepper, anyone?) but after I cut up one and did the taste test.  I decided to let the other two live long and whole lives, outside of the salsa.

Want to know my other motto?  You can NEVER have too much cilantro...

 Well, maybe you can.  This is what's left AFTER making the salsa!  My next job will be to research recipes with Cilantro in them.  Hmmm...

Fresh Salsa:
Salerno Pepper
Lime Juice

Mix to taste preferences

Bruschetta recipe curtousy of M.A.Kovac. 

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